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Help & Info about Geometry Dash for windows

  • What is Geometry Dash?

    This is a special type of platform game that uses the concepts of geometry as its basis. Players take on the form of different geometric shapes like cubes and balls and have to steer them through a series of obstacles without touching one of the spikes, which will force them to restart the level.
  • Is Geometry Dash Free?

    The Lite version of the game is free to download and play and comes with a number of different levels. However, there are additional levels as well as add-ons and other elements that can be paid for if the player wishes and these help to enhance the game.
  • What Platforms is Geometry Dash Compatible With?

    The game is compatible with all of the most popular platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS. A version has also been created especially for Steam, while gamers can play online if they wish.
  • Can Geometry Dash be played on Mobile Devices?

    A special Lite version of the game has been created for mobile phones. This version features fewer levels and features than the standard version, although the Lite version does include Electroman Adventures.
  • How Many Levels Does Geometry Dash Have?

    The game boasts 21 official levels and 18 of these levels are playable right from the start. Each level offers players special rewards for completing them, such as secret coins and lots of other goodies that can be traded in for other useful items.
  • How Can I Change My Geometry Dash Password?

    Users who want to change their password need to visit the Account Management page. Simply click on Forgot Password and then click on the email link that is sent to change the password and then log in using the newly changed password.
  • What is Geometry Dash Sub Zero?

    Sub Zero is a brand new adventure that boasts the same style and controls as the original game. It comes with three levels as well as new triggers and icons that players can use to customize their character.
  • How Can I Earn Geometry Dash Diamonds?

    Special diamonds are awarded to players when they take part in quests. Diamonds are usually awarded at the end of quests, although they sometimes appear at intervals during the quest and they can also be found in certain chests that are scattered throughout the game.
  • How Can I Unlock Geometry Dash Secret Vaults?

    There are three secret vaults included in the game and the first one can be unlocked with 10 silver user coins. The second secret vault is unlocked with 50 diamonds, while the third vault is unlocked with an emblem that is obtainable from the shop that is hidden in the treasure room.
  • What are the Geometry Dash Controls?

    People who are playing the game on their PC or laptop will find that the controls are very easy to master. Space or the up arrow are used to jump, while the up arrow also steers the vehicle up. The down arrow is used to steer the vehicle down and holding down the space or up arrow is used to multi jump.


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